My experience with Interaction Design Foundation — review


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I have been using interaction design foundation for almost a year now and I would like to share my experience of learning from IxDF (short form of interaction design foundation).

Why Interaction design foundation?

The reason to go for the membership is to learn more about user experience design professionally as I want to move from graphic design to user experience design. I did enough research around online platforms as I didn’t want to spend a bomb on offline courses. IxDF’s UX courses came across as the best, providing value for money to me. Since they are a nonprofit so definitely price is cheaper than the market price.

Inside the course

Index of the course “starting your UX career”

They have a mix of nicely recorded video modules and articles inside and you get asked questions in the end of every module to test your knowledge from what you have learnt. There can be a multiple choice questions or short-answer questions.

My Learnings so far

I did, 4 courses in total

and my learnings have been great, I know a lot about user experience now, the amount of effort that goes into designing great products for the users, empathy, usability, how to do research, how to ask the right questions and make the users comfortable while asking them to use the prototypes.

Now I am planning to use my learning and create a portfolio for which they also have a course.

They also have

A community for like-minded you may come across people with similar journeys. Some local communities do organise meet-ups but as now due to covid they are happening online only. Then you have bootcamps which are charged but are kept at a discount for the members. With that they have online library sorts called literature. It’s like a dictionary for UX designers.


My overall experience has been great so far. Learning about empathy in dept made me a better human in general. Interaction design foundation is like a gold mine with endless treasures it is up to you how deep you want to dig. If you are looking to learn UX design definitely give it a try. They are many options out there you must do your own research and see what suits your personality. I hope this article can help you in your research too. Now I am getting to build my first UX portfolio.

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